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Care But Don't Carry

Are you an Empath? If so, this article will save your life. Or it will at least make it more tolerable. Most empaths live in a perpetual state of confusion. They carry a world of hurt in their hearts and don't know how to release that pain. I can tell you, the pain never goes away until you learn to set boundaries.

As someone who has always been rather empathic, the concept of empaths being able to set boundaries seemed a bit like a fairy tale to me: How could you know what it feels like for another person, yet have the knack (and guts!) to stand up for yourself?

A lot of us empaths could probably talk for hours about the ways in which it sucks to have an empathic nature. I know I could. I spent a lot of time in my life lying on the floor feeling awful because someone else felt bad. Empaths are frequently told that this emotional sensitivity is a blessing, and perhaps it is a gift, but really it’s just information, and we can choose how to respond when we become aware of the emotional state of others.

The first step in learning to set boundaries as an empath is to understand the difference between setting healthy boundaries and doing boundary work. How to set boundaries — setting boundaries means protecting ourselves. Take the time out today and create a list of boundaries for the different aspects of your life. As you work through your list, don’t forget to add some detail. For example, being too vague with your boundaries will never make someone respect you. This ensures other people respect your privacy and that you are always protecting your own energy.

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